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Back Pain

Did you know that back pain affects almost 80% of the population at some time in their lives?

Neck Pain

Neck pain, also known as cervicalgia, is a common problem, with two-thirds of the population having neck pain at some.

Auto Accidents

It's estimated that 1% of the US suffers from chronic headaches, resulting from auto accident injuries otherwise known as whiplash.


A headache, also known as cephalalgia, is pain anywhere in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions.


Sciatica is a condition including pain that may be caused by compression or irritation of one of five, large spinal nerves.

Work Injuries

Work injuries can affect anyone. And they can affect any part of your body. Fortunately, chiropractors are able to treat most types of work injuries.

Disc Pain

You might have disc pain or discomfort if you have a ruptured or slipped disc. This should be treated right away by a chiropractor.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve should be treated immediately. This can be caused by any sort of pressure on a nerve in your spine.


A Chiropractor can work with YOU to get your body back in shape! Would you put a band aide on a broken arm? NO of course you would not.

Chiropractor Irvine

Welcome to Brunelle Chiropractic!

Get Complete Control Of Your Life Again With The Help Of A Seasoned Chiropractor.

Hello there! Welcome to Brunelle Chiropractic. You can pay us a visit at 33 Creek Ste. 320, in Irvine CA 92604 . We have been offering chiropractic treatment in Irvine for many years now. Give us the opportunity to help you and your family members!

Our professional chiropractor, Dr. Lori Prescott, and our friendly staff strive to target your unique needs with time-tested chiropractic strategies, whether you are suffering from neck pain, back problems, headaches, or even uncomfortable muscular stiffness. We take great care to ensure you get the attention you need.  We pride ourselves in the thousands of patients we have helped to lead healthier, happier and more productive lives using our natural healthcare approach.

Whether you’re an adult with chronic neck pain, a senior with some spinal condition or maybe a child with an injury, we’ll give you the time, care and attention you need to take charge of your life. All our equipment is up-to-date to offer efficient and precise results. The comfort and safety of patients is our top priority, and you’ll be able to see that for yourself as a patient at Brunelle Chiropractic. Our dedication to your wellness objectives and overall health goals are further strengthened with the decades of experience our doctors have in the application of chiropractic techniques and therapies.

We are driven to provide the friendliest and most professional service the chiropractic field has to offer in Irvine, California.   Patients seeking chiropractic treatment at Brunelle Chiropractic can be assured that their health is in good hands; hands of competent, veteran chiropractors who know chiropractic inside and out, have worked with nearly every type of case, in all age brackets, including those previously told their only option was harsh, invasive surgery- and more over, those who love helping others.

If it’s your very first time in the clinic, Dr. Prescott will enlightened you about how chiropractic care is done. Prior to starting treatment, you will be evaluated accordingly. If Dr. Prescott has determined that you’re eligible for treatment, then a program will be created for you. The condition, age, and health goal of each client are always kept in mind for a more customized approach.

We at Brunelle Chiropractic look forward to providing you and your family with excellent service and chiropractic care, the same that has allowed us to continue to service our wonderful patients all these years.  Call us today at (949) 612-3373 to schedule your free consultation and exam, just mention our website special!  We look forward to helping alleviate your pain and achieve the health you want!

Chiropractic Care – Efficiently Eliminating Your Pain

If you suffer from a painful neck or an aching back, there are lots of activities that you will never be able to do. Such conditions can truly affect your daily life, from grocery shopping to playing with your children or grandchildren.

Whether you’re looking for immediate pain relief or long-term effects, chiropractic has a number of advantages. Drugs are not utilized in this natural treatment, and apart from the fact that it is effective, it’s also pain-free. Other than alleviating the discomforts, the hidden reasons for various conditions are also corrected with the help of chiropractic care. This boosts overall spinal structure, avoids spinal degeneration and deals with mobility problems while improving your posture.

Alleviating pain is not enough for Dr. Prescott and Brunelle Chiropractic. It’s more about enhancing your general health naturally, without the use of harmful medications or complicated surgical treatments. This is why we’re offering you our New Patient Special. Your free spinal exam, consultation and 30 minute massage is only a call or click away! Call Us at (949) 612-3373 or fill out the form at the top of this page to schedule your appointment and see what chiropractic care can do for you!

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